In house Control Valve Services

There are times when it’s not practical to carry out control valve overhaul on site, it can be that specific specialist hydro testing or specialist repairs to control components are required to carry out the inspection / overhaul / servicing of a control valve off site, it may simply be more economical to remove equipment from site.

Control Valve Services Limited carries out work on all major manufacturers’ equipment.

Control Valve Services Limited has a fully equipped control valve overhaul facility complete with specialist machine shop. We can cover all aspects of work relating to the in house overhaul of control valves:

  • Strip Down, Inspection and reporting
  • Specialist Portable Control Valve Diagnostics
  • Emergency quick turnaround service for control valve problems
  • High volume / fast turnaround conventional control valve overhaul
  • Control valve problem, diagnosis & rectification service
  • Extensive control valve body, bonnet & trim repairs
  • Refurbishment, including cosmetics, shot blasting and painting to specification
  • Actuation and Instrumentation complete overhaul / refurbishment service
  • Emergency control valve machining support for all control valve trim components
  • Emergency control valve weld repairs including Stellite #6 Overlay in house service
  • Emergency alternative control valve trim manufacture
  • Emergency control valve trim supply including material sourcing and manufacture
  • PMI Testing capabilities in house
  • Control valve components Heat Treatment / Material hardening Service
  • Control valve trim Stellite #6 Overlay service and finish machining